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What is a cavity?
   A cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by bacteria (germs). When the germs get sugar, they give off acid that eats a hole in the tooth. The germs then live inside the tooth and reproduce and continue to destroy more tooth structure. That is why a dentist needs to remove the germs and fill in the hole with a "filling." That is material that replaces the lost tooth structure.
   When you do not see the dentist regularly any cavity you may have can get bigger and create more problems for you.
What is a good toothpaste?
   Glenn Zimmer DDS, PC in the Machesney park area recommends any ADA approved toothpaste. As long as you use a soft bristle brush and brush regularly you should get good results.
How often should I see a dentist?
   It varies from person to person. For some people every six months is fine. Other people need to come in more often. Your dentist should tell you how often you need to come in. It is like preventive maintenance for your car, every car is different and depending on how much you drive and what type of car you have will determine how often the car needs to be looked at. It is the same with your teeth and gums
What are dental implants?
   Dental implants are a method of replacing missing teeth. To replace the root of a tooth, a cylinder (usually of titaniun) is placed in the bone. After this heals for a few weeks, the missing tooth is replaced with a crown. In some cases, an entire denture can be supported by multiple implants.
   For many people, this can bring about huge benefits in health and appearance.
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