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What are crowns?
When a tooth is so badly damaged by decay or trauma, a filling will not have enough strength to fix the tooth. A crown is a custom made covering that goes over the tooth to protect it. The crown is made to fit your bite and they are usually made out of tooth colored material that match the rest of your teeth.
Does your office take my insurance?
We might. Call our office at 815-633-4715 Glenn Zimmer DDS, PC. Machesney Park/Rockford with your insurance data and our staff will be happy to check for you.
Does your office have payment plans?
We can help you arrange payments through a third-party provider called CareCredit. If you qualify, you can make interest free payments for up to 12 months. The application can be done on line or over the phone and takes just minutes.
Why is dentistry so expensive?
It depends on your point of view. The dental equipment and supplies we use are very expensive but it is to ensure that you get good care. The idea is to keep your teeth and gums healthy for your entire lifetime so that you can eat and look good. It is an investment in your health to spend money on your dental care.
Why are dentists always bugging me about flossing?
Because we care about you and your oral health. When the germs (bacteria) in your mouth are not disrupted every 24 hours, they organize into groups (plaque) and start to damage your teeth and gums. Brushing alone cannot remove the plaque in between your teeth so flossing has to be done. If you floss once a day, you will probably save yourself allot of future expense and discomfort.
Can I whiten my smile with teeth bleaching?
Most people can get their teeth whiter with custom bleaching trays and the correct type of bleaching agent. We do allot at Glenn Zimmer DDS, PC, at Machesney Park/Rockford and most patients are really pleased with the results
What is a root canal therapy?
When a tooth has bacteria (germs) living inside of it, they can cause an infection. In the old days the tooth would have to be pulled. Today, they often can be saved by doing a root canal therapy. The inside of the tooth has canals in them and these are cleaned out and the bacteria are killed. This allows the infection to go away and the person can keep their tooth.
What is this plaque they are always talking about in the commercials?
Plaque are bacteria clumps (germs) that form in the mouth and stick to teeth. These germs can damage the teeth and gums. That is why it is important to brush and floss everyday. You are disrupting the plaque so they do not hurt your mouth or your health.
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