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using toothbrushes can prevent the need for crown and fillingsDental Services available
Tooth colored fillings
  When a tooth gets a hole in it this hole is called a cavity. Cavities are caused by germs in the mouth. When germs that live in the mouth get sugar they give off acid that eats a hole in the tooth. The germs then live in the tooth and cause more damage to the tooth. The germs have to be drilled out of the tooth and the hole is then filled in. In the past silver/mercury fillings called amalgams were used. At the office of Glenn Zimmer DDS, PC in Machesney Park/Rockford  fillings are done that are tooth colored called composites.
   When there is too much damage done to a tooth to fix it with a filling the tooth has to be restored with a crown. A crown totally covers the tooth and allows you to eat normally. At Glenn Zimmer DDS, PC. in Machesney Park/Rockford  crowns are made out of tooth colored materials so they look beautiful!
Root canal therapies
  When germs from the mouth start living inside the tooth they can cause an infection. This infection can cause pain and swelling. In the old days the tooth would have to be pulled. Now many can be saved by doing root canal therapies.
The tooth and its root canals are cleaned out and the germs inside the tooth are killed. This allows the body to heal the infection and the tooth to be saved.
Replacing mising teeth
   When you are missing teeth you can not eat as well and it can affect your looks. There are many options available today to restore missing teeth. At Glenn Zimmer DDS,PC. in Machesney Park/Rockford dentures, partial dentures (some teeth are left), fixed bridges and implanted supported crowns are all options to replace lost teeth.
Exams and cleanings
  The longer a problem is put off in dentistry the more expensive and painful it can become. that is why it is important to come in for your exam.
   Alot of dental problems are caused by dental plaque (germs). That is why it is important to come in to Glenn Zimmer DDS, PC. in Machesney Park/Rockford for your cleaning and to reduce your chances of needing other dental work.
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